I believe that everyone should be able to afford a running coach. I’ve seen it and have experienced it myself, prices that are so high its hard to justify. I also may not be for everyone. I am not an elite athlete. I am just a normal everyday guy who loves to help others achieve their goals and learn new things. If you want to run your first trail race, ultramarathon or even a road race and you need someone to help keep you accountable and guide you there….Then please click the link below and let’s get started!

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$40 per month

What you get:

  • Personalized running plan with strength training
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Accountability/motivation partner
  • Text, email and phone call access to me
  • Pre-race and Race day planning

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are you are so inexpensive as a coach?

    Because I believe everyone deserves the right to have a coach.  Not everyone can afford the $100+ per month that some coaches charge.  I also have a really good job that pays my bills, so I am doing this because I love to help people!

  • I want to jump into the ultra world, can you help me?

    Yes I can!  We will talk about what races you are interested in, narrow it down to your top race and then the goals you have for that race.  I will then put together a running plan for you and we will work together as you chase that goal.

  • What if things come up in my day to day life and I miss a day or two?

    I completely understand a busy life!  I work full time and occasionally have to stay late at work or I have had a very rough day and I just don’t want to get out.  Missing a day or two won’t hurt anything, trust me…I know!  If something comes up, just shoot me a message(text or email) and we can either adjust the training schedule or just keep pushing on.

  • What does a training plan look like?

    Depending on the race and the amount of time we have before the race, I will carefully develop a plan that will include some aerobic conditioning, vo2 max, steady state and lactate threshold training as well.  Recovery/easy runs will be added in there to help as well.  Our main focus will be on your running but I will also include some strength training exercises(bodyweight, kettlebells or dumbbells) that will help support your training.  We will schedule rest/recovery days into the plan.  We don’t want you to get burnt out and hate training.  We will have fun even during the hard training.



  • Are you a certified coach?

    I have currently completed the USECA Ultrarunning coaching program and I am currently refreshing the material before I take the tests.  So very soon I will be a certified coach.